Three Stocks To Buy as Internet Growth Continues

Investing in internet-driven companies has been a surefire way to generate wealth since the dot-com bubble. Microsoft (MSFT Quick QuoteMSFT – Free Report) and its founder Bill Gates come to mind when we think of the behemoths spawned by the internet’s growth, but there are a host of other stocks that still offer potential despite the market changes since 2000.

With over 5 billion users worldwide, here are three stocks to buy as the internet continues its storied growth.

1. Amazon (AMZN Quick QuoteAMZN – Free Report): Connecting People and Revolutionizing E-Commerce

At the top of the list is Amazon, with founder Jeff Bezos now one of the world’s wealthiest people after AMZN experienced a +75% increase in stock this year, and a +642% increase over the last decade. Forecasts expect high double-digit EPS growth in FY 2023 and FY 2024, and sales are projected to grow by 11% this year and another 11% in FY24 to $637.05 billion.

2. CrowdStrike (CRWD Quick QuoteCRWD – Free Report): Next-Generation Cyber Attack Response Services

Founded in 2011, CrowdStrike has quickly become one of the world’s fastest-growing internet companies thanks to its cloud-based cyber security services. Two of its founders, George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch, are billionaires now, and investors have seen impressive returns as CRWD’s stock has soared +146% year-to-date supply and jumped +347% since its initial public offering in 2019. Look for double-digit growth rates in both sales and earnings, and total sales expected to reach $3.91 billion by FY24.

3. NetEase (NTES Quick QuoteNTES – Free Report): Chinese Internet Company That Has Lasted Two Decades

NetEase was one of the companies that initially capitalized on the dot-com bubble and investors in 2000 would have seen a +33,000% increase in returns. Now, the stock is up 40% YTD and 592% over the last decade. NetEase’s sales are projected to be up 1% in FY23 and jump 11% in FY24 to $16.17 billion. Don’t sleep on the profitability either, as FY23 profits are expected to boom 44% to $7.26 per share compared to last year’s numbers.

The Best Stocks to Buy for 2023 and Beyond: Amazon, CrowdStrike, and NetEase

The internet’s enormous growth since 2000 has produced some of the world’s wealthiest people, and savvy investors are looking to cash in on the stocks that have been driving this growth. Amazon, CrowdStrike, and NetEase are three internet-fueled stocks that have inarguable potential for 2023 and beyond. With built-in wealth generators, these companies each have the ingredients needed to continue building on the gains they have seen to date.