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Or to avoid poverty

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Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are heroes of mine. They do quite well financially, admit that they have cruisy jobs and are so stingy that their children regularly complain about them.

For example, Warren Buffet quotes that his daughter is embarrassed about the car he drives and his son wines that the Berkshire Hathaway directors are paid a lot less compared to boards of other companies.

I’ve read a bit of their material and have realised some of their day to day habits have helped contribute to their wealth.

I believe that if we use some their habits, we won’t necessarily be billionaires, but they should help us from falling into poverty.

Let me share my findings with you.

There’s a story that Warren Buffet once paid for Bill Gate’s lunch using McDonald’s coupons. You can’t be any more economical at lunch than paying with coupons — well, you could ask your parents to make you food, that’s probably even more economical.

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