A money expert explains how putting that windfall in an investment account can help you grow wealth | Drum – News24

Investing secures one’s financial future.

It just grows and grows and grows . . . that’s the potential magic of compound interest when your money is left untouched after you invest it for the long term, says financial expert Thobelani Thwala. 

He explains how wealth creation – a term many think refers to what the rich do – is possible with careful planning.

“The purpose of investing is for wealth creation over an extended term – this is money that you don’t touch for several years; it’s not for saving for a new car deposit or holidays,” the financial planner and debt counsellor explains, “this is the money that will secure your financial future. 

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Source: https://www.news24.com/drum/money/advice/a-money-expert-explains-how-putting-that-windfall-in-an-investment-account-can-help-you-grow-wealth-20211129