Astonishing wealth of Royal Family members revealed after it DOUBLED in a decade… – The Sun

PRINCE William is the wealthiest member of the Royal Family with a net worth of around £1.05billion.

The heir-to-the-throne beats his dad King Charles III, who is worth £900million, while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a combined worth of £20million. 


Heir-to-the-throne Prince William is the wealthiest member of the Royal Family with an estimated worth of £1.05billionCredit: AP


King Charles is thought to have around £900millionCredit: PA


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have £20millionCredit: PA

Princess Anne is worth £50million, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex are worth £10million and Prince Andrew is worth £5million. 

Meanwhile the monarchy’s wealth as an institution has more than doubled in ten years from £9billion in March 2012 to £18.3billion in March this year.

The figure covers the wealth from land and buildings on the Crown Estate, worth around £16.5billion, and the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall. 

And it is greater than supermarket giant Tesco’s stock market value of £17billion, The Sunday Times revealed. 

Prince William

The new Prince of Wales became a billionaire when he took control of the 685-year-old Duchy of Cornwall estate from his dad following the Queen’s death. 

He was already wealthy after inheriting £10million from his mum Princess Diana and £7million from the Queen Mother, who died in 2002.

King Charles

King Charles inherited the 671-year-old Duchy of Lancaster when he became monarch. Its balance sheet showed £652.8million this year with profits of £24million, triple those of 2000.

But other aspects of the King’s finances are less clear and it may never be known what he inherited from his late dad Prince Philip. 

It is possible that he will inherit both the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and Balmoral Castle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Most of Harry and Meghan’s wealth comes from the Duke of Sussex’s inheritance from his mum. 

It had grown to £10million by his 25th birthday.

The couple has also made commercial income from a rumoured £18million deal with Spotify, as well as a deal with Netflix. 

And local estate agents reckon the nine-bed home they bought two years ago in California, US, for £11million may have already doubled.

Prince Andrew

Very little is known about Prince Andrew’…….