Benny lands $1M Pre-Seed Round to Help Employees Build Wealth With Their Benefits – PR Newswire

Benny (, helps employees take full advantage of their Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

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“It was a grind, but eventually, I was fortunate to get just enough breathing room in my financial life to be able to start taking advantage of my ESPP… I wish I could have done it years before but there wasn’t a company looking out for me and my best interests, that’s why Benny was created. I believe there is a massive opportunity in the employee benefits space, specifically wealth-building benefits, like employee stock purchase plans. I’m not just talking about education, but actual financial products that are built for the people who are experiencing this pain. That’s what we’re building at Benny.” – Andy Kalmon, CEO & Founder of Benny.

Benny’s early customer reception is impressive, attracting customers from Microsoft, Salesforce, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile and more.

“Employers right now are looking for new ways to attract and retain talent, that’s no secret. What we like about Benny is that it takes existing benefits and ramps up participation by removing the financial barriers  to make them more inclusive. Couple that with increasing pressure on employees’ paychecks and you can’t help but get excited by a product that truly helps employees earn more and increase engagement for employers. A solid win-win.” – Ryan Broshar, Partner at Matchstick Ventures.

Natty Zola & Ryan Broshar at Matchstick Ventures believe in Benny’s mission and the market opportunity,  investing $1M into Benny’s pre-seed round. The $1M pre-seed round will be used to accelerate Benny’s customer acquisition, product development and recruiting efforts.

About Benny
Benny is a financial wellness platform that provides education and innovative lending solutions to democratize participation in ESPPs, allowing employees to take advantage of their company’s programs and build wealth.

About Matchstick Ventures
Matchstick is an impactful early-stage technology investor in the North and Rockies. They invest where innovative ideas, huge markets and most importantly, ambitious and diverse founders strike. Matchstick exists to act as a catalyst for their founders, partners, and startup communities.