BG Wealth Group™ Rebrand Unveils Its New Money Mastery Challenge™ – Yahoo Finance

The accelerated virtual live program offers proven systems and investment strategies based on the company’s substantial Success Portfolio

Featured Image for BG Wealth Group

Featured Image for BG Wealth Group

Featured Image for BG Wealth Group

TORONTO, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BG Wealth Group™, a leader in investment and financial services helping investors connect with their money and achieve financial freedom, announced today the launch of their new re-branded website, highlighted by its accelerated wealth-building program, the Money Mastery Challenge™.

Based on BG Wealth Group’s™ proven record of success, the Challenge will provide an environment for motivated individuals and investors to build their own investment tool kit, re-examine their financial statements and history to determine specific areas of opportunity for savings and re-investment. Identifying unnecessary fees and creating supplemental funds enable a strategy the firm calls “Reclaiming Your Money.”

Hosted by BG Wealth Group™ Co-Founders Craig Dunkerley and Claudia Harvey, and joined by other sector experts within the company, the Money Mastery Challenge™ will launch on Monday, November 8 and run one-hour per day for five straight days, from 5-6 pm EST.

Each day will feature a new topic – covering everything from tax optimization approaches to short-term investment alternatives, to real estate strategies – helping participants connect with their money, invest better and stronger to generate greater returns in all areas of their wealth.

Claudia Harvey, Co-Founder and President of BG Wealth Group™, says, “Our Success Portfolio is a proven model and we’re providing an investment learning experience that truly prepares both the early-stage and established investors for the current financial climate. The Money Mastery Challenge™ is designed for anyone wanting to hone their personal and business investment strategies, at a wide range of levels. The learnings are updated based on the latest trends, and the market intelligence we will share with participants will make this Challenge a truly fantastic opportunity,” stated Harvey.

The Success Portfolio is the boutique investment property collection, currently topping out at over 200 doors across Canada and the U.S., with more projected growth in the coming year. BG Wealth Group’s™ proven assessment methods have identified property areas that are widely deemed undervalued, and deliver substantial growth as a means of minimizing risk and creating higher investment returns.

BG Wealth Group™ Co-Founder and CEO Craig Dunkerley commented, “When we tell clients that 60-70% of the money they potentially make in investments is going to their bank because of fees, and that simple investment strategies can minimize or eliminate those fees, they realize they need to connect with their money. …….