Blackpledge Network Reimagines Wealth Building for the Black and Brown Community – EIN News


At Blackpledge, our VISION is a community where one’s magnitude and impact is not limited due to skin color or background.”

— Blackpledge Founders

MCKINNEY, TX, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / — Economic empowerment has long been a stumbling block in the Black community, with Black unemployment rates hovering at 16 percent, more than double that of white counterparts. Regardless of whether the United States’ economy is on an upswing or falling, Black Americans, mostly, still get the crumbs in our society. One revolutionary financial platform is changing this narrative. Introducing Blackpledge Network, proclaiming that it is time for Black and Indigenous people to have a seat at the table. Founded in 2014, this forward-thinking digital phenomenon focuses on a network of People Helping People in a collective space, while investing in each other’s dreams and uplifting all communities Blackpledge Network is involved with.

Blackpledge Network helps fund innovation and businesses to empower marginalized communities. Working as a non-profit organization, “they promote financial equality by supporting the economic and civic prosperity of the Black and Indigenous community.” An article in June of this year from notable Forbes Magazine states, “The economic status of Black Americans remains far behind their white counterparts in terms of income, net worth, home ownership, stock ownership, business entrepreneurship, and other metrics, according to a new report from the research and consulting firm, McKinsey Global Institute.” Bluntly stated, “Black Americans earn 30% less than white Americans, while Black households have just one-eighth the wealth of white households.” This is an astounding truth, but not surprising to those Black families who face these historical inequities every day. Positioned uniquely, Blackpledge Network can help redefine the path for the history makers of tomorrow.

By becoming a member of Blackpledge Network, members become part of the solution for many problems that plague people of color. Unification brings about support, and support brings about hope that can strengthen an entire community in ways that improve and elevate. Helping people achieve their financial, business, or educational goals is key. Blackpledge Network is not your traditional membership platform. Their aim is to keep members’ funds circulating within the Blackpledge Community, therefore, creating wealth together.

Blackpledge Network offers an extensive list of services, such as Credit Doctor, Legal Services, Emergency Allowances, 1st Time Homebuyer Deposit assistance, Black Scholars Program, Renters Secure, and Autosource Program, to name a few. No more scampering to put together money for unforeseen incidents, such as health issues, funerals, car repair, and the like. Your custom-tailored membership opens the door of possibilities for you and your entire family.

For more information on how you can be a member of Blackpledge Network, Website: or Phone: 888-BPNETWK
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