Glowka Wealth Management opens in the Newport Center in Berlin – New Britain Herald

BERLIN – Glowka Wealth Management is the final tenant to complete the lower level of the Newport Center downtown.

“This is a culmination of a lot of effort between Newport Realty Group and the Town of Berlin,” said Chris Edge, Berlin Economic Development Director. “This bottom of the building sat vacant for 10 years and everybody always wonder what was happening.”

Over the past 22 months Tony Valenti and Mark Lovley of Newport Realty Group were able to fill the entire lower level.

“This is such another great addition to our Newport Realty Group here in Berlin,” said Tony Valenti, Newport Realty Group. “We continue to be excited with everything that we do here in town. As you can tell we love the mom and pop tenants and clearly you’re the kind of tenants and businesses that really bring up the economy and we just love working with them and we appreciate your tenancy.”

Glowka Wealth Management is an independent free base investment advisor. The business believes in capitalism and the three pillars of the American Dream: God, Family and Country.

The services provided by Glowka Wealth Management include Financial Planning, Investment Management, Estate Planning Strategies, and Tax Efficiency Strategies. Financial Planning has become a core piece of the company’s client experience. Investments have become a commodity, and as a client you have access to the same information that each advisor does.

“We use Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.,” said John Glowka, owner & lead wealth advisor. “They’re our broker-dealer; basically they’re our clearing firm.”

When you decide to become a client with the firm, they will take you through a 3-step planning process: discovery, recommendations and implementation.

“Our clients are our bosses,” expressed John.

Their clients were a big part of the reason they moved to 848 Farmington Avenue, suite 6.

“The building I owned in New Britain downtown started to have a bad homeless problem. They would be urinating on our walls and clients were afraid to come there,” John explained. “After we had female clients tell us they’re afraid to come to our office we made the conscious decision to move.”

John and his family moved to Berlin back in 2003 so it was a no brainer to move the business there as well.

“I live in Berlin and so does John and we’re just looking to improve the downtown and improve our business,” said Rob McKinnon, relationship manager. “I think they both coincide with each other and I think we can do that here.”

Glowka Wealth Management reached out to Newport Realty Group in May of 2021 and the approximately 1,200 sq feet space was ready by the …….