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After two successful fundraising rounds attracting star athletes like Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, along with giants of the financial world, a fintech aims to expand its reach in wealth management.

Former Nickelodeon executive Tanya Van Court launched Goalsetter, an app that teaches kids financial literacy, savings and investing, in 2019 after developing the idea when she was trying to educate one of her own children about money. Goalsetter and a handful of other startups with big-name backers in wealth management are focusing on the worsening problem of the lack of knowledge about basic financial issues among Americans.

At a cost of $3.95 for a basic account and $5.95 for a “Goalsetter Gold” membership that includes the new investment feature it added last year, the fintech offers parents, advisors and companies a new method of building financial literacy in families and organizations.

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Financial Planning Chief Correspondent Tobias Salinger spoke with Van Court about her plans for working with more wealth managers and financial advisors and how the firm aims to help kids get past the many barriers affecting financial literacy in the country. The conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

FP: Goalsetter has raised $19 million in investments after a seed round and a Series A financing round, according to news outlet TechCrunch. How does it feel to draw so many big names from the world of finance, sports and entertainment to your vision?

Tanya Van Court: It is super exciting. The thing that I think has been so gratifying for us is that, as so many of your listeners know, there are extraordinary investors in the NBA and in the NFL. I mean, we have people like Russell Okung who really elevated the conversation about Bitcoin in the country. While he’s not a Goalsetter investor, just yet, Russell, we’re coming for you. We have athletes who are truly leading conversations about financial wellness, about investment, about next-generation investment. Chris Paul and Kevin Durant are both extraordinary investors in their own right. They have multimillion-dollar funds that they’re investing in companies all across the country that are doing lots of interesting things. So to have luminaries like Chris Paul and Kevin Durant, but also billionaire philanthropists like Robert F. Smith and then outstanding corporations like U.S. Bank and PNC Bank and Fiserv to raise their hands and say, “We believe in Goalsetter’s mission, and we want to be a part of it, and we want to support it coming to life,” it’s super exciting.

FP: What metrics are you able to share for the number of accounts and assets …….

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