How Acquire.Fi Is Bridging Investing And Web3 To Create Inclusive Wealth Building Tools | – Bitcoinist

The creation of wealth in Web3 is at the forefront of investors’ minds from the moment they first interact with the space. Unfortunately, the creation of sustainable wealth has not been the case so far. As was seen with collapses like the Terra network, it is now more critical than ever that there is sustainable creation of wealth in the space to ensure that investors are covered from all angles.

Acquire.Fi is one of the only Web3 platforms that can comfortably say that it can create wealth for investors in the space. Instead of relying on the valuation of native token prices to provide wealth to investors. It bridges investing and Web3 with traditional finance and DeFi. This way, the platform is able to cater to investors of all sizes.

Taking Care Of The Small And Big Guys

Not often does a project come across the Web3 and DeFi space that is catering to small and large investors at the same time. Usually, it is the latter that gets all the attention, given the amount of funds they control. But Acquire.Fi has sought to change it by providing investment pools and fractionalized ownership to investors.

By doing this, Acquire.Fi can enable investors to provide the kind of advantages usually enjoyed by institutional and accredited investors to the smallest retail investor. This means that regardless of whether an investor has $100 or $100 million, they have the access to participate in vetted investment opportunities and leverage acquisitions as a wealth-building tool.

It uses special purpose acquisition vehicles and NFTization (tokenization) to fractionalize crowdfunded acquisitions. These are then distributed to investors as NFTs, which they immediately sell on the Acquire.Fi secondary marketplace.

How Does Acquire.Fi Get The Deals?

Acquire.Fi was founded by several crypto natives who possess extensive knowledge of the market with a niche in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These seasoned investors source out deals that would not otherwise be publicized and bring them to investors.

Picture this; an investor wants to buy a marketplace on a network like Polygon. There is no established database for the investor to go on and look for such a deal. However, Acquire.Fi can go out and source for such a platform, facilitating the deal between the investor and the seller to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. This fills the gap of M&A Alpha not being available to retail and DeFi investors.

Acquire.Fi aims to be the very first crypto M&A marketplace. This means that they can enable retail investors to get …….