J WEALTH Academy Launches Entertaining, Money Management, E-Learning Courses for Teens and Young Adults in the US – PR Web

Australian-based Financial and investment E-Learning platform, J Wealth Academy (JWA) has decided to debut and launch their products to American shores with the launch of their online courses on financial literacy for teens and young adults to the U.S. demographic. JWA is the home of E-learning courses about money, investing, personal finance, and how to build wealth. It is designed to be useful to students, no matter what their career choices, employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur and shows how mastering money in their life will give them the freedom of choice they want and build whatever level of wealth they desire.

Far from the average financial literacy program. The courses focus on the fact that the money game is a marathon and not a sprint and how to build lasting wealth. Participants can learn all they need to jumpstart their journey to financial success with the academy’s flagship series of 3 courses, which include the Fundamentals of Wealth, (which focuses on the outer game ) The Money Mindset, ( that focuses on the inner game ), and Your Wealth Plan in 30 Days (which combines the two into an actionable plan for students)

Students will learn financial and wealth-building skills such as:

  • How the Money game works
  • How to use debt and leverage correctly to build wealth
  • How to use their biggest advantage which is their youth, to use the magic of compounding
  • How to set Money Goals
  • How to budget, save and invest correctly
  • Active vs passive income and why you need both
  • The secret wealth formula of the rich
  • Millionaire Maths
  • And much more

The courses are designed to appeal to Gen Z directly with the video courses being like entertaining Netflix episodes but packed full of educational content designed to keep the students entertained with downloadable PDF content, chapter, summaries, worksheets, and small quizzes to reinforce what is being taught. The third 3ourse in the series, “Your wealth plan in 30 days” is designed to take the knowledge from the first 2 courses and help the student put together a wealth plan that combines their mindset and goal setting with actionable steps that will help give them a much clearer picture on their future.

Husband and wife team, serial entrepreneurs and investors, Andre Cheah and Claire McPherson are the masterminds behind JWA. Commenting on the motivation for launching the academy in the U.S, Andre Cheah said: “The U.S is a big market, and the mindset in the US is aligned …….

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/2/prweb18470532.htm