J WEALTH Academy Launches Entertaining Video-Based Financial literacy E-Learning Courses for Gen-Z in Asia – PR Web

“Our courses are all about equipping the next generation with the right tools to be able to live stable and secure lives and we want no one left behind when it comes to financial education.”

J Wealth Academy (JWA) is the home of E-learning courses about money, investing, and personal finance. The courses are specifically targeted at teens and young adults and designed to equip them with the knowledge that is needed to live a free and financially stable life just at the time when they need this guidance.

Far from the average dry financial literacy program, JWA teaches via online video learning in a fun and entertaining way, savvy money skills, and investment knowledge that is not taught at schools or colleges.

Participants can learn all they need to jumpstart their journey to financial success with the academy’s flagship series of 3 courses, which include the Fundamentals of Wealth, The Money Mindset, and Your Wealth Plan in 30 Days. Students will learn through the video’s financial and wealth-building skills such as:

  • How the Money game works
  • How the inner and outer game of money is played properly
  • How to save, budget, and invest properly
  • How to use debt and leverage to build wealth
  • How to set Money Goals & achieve them
  • How to get the right money mindset that will achieve financial success
  • Active vs passive income and how to use both to become wealthy
  • The secret wealth formula of the rich and how to apply it to your life
  • Millionaire Maths and how to get on the path of your first million dollars
  • Learn how to become wealthy no matter what career path you choose
  • How to set up wealth goals and a wealth plan to live a stable and secure life
  • And much more

The courses feature fun, engaging, and interactive videos, just like Netflix episodes to keep students engaged along with downloadable PDF content, chapter summaries, and worksheets to reinforce the lessons.

Husband and wife team and serial entrepreneurs, Andre Cheah and Claire McPherson are the masterminds behind JWA. Commenting on the motivation for launching the academy Andre Cheah, who immigrated to Australia from Malaysia when young said:

“Asia is a market that is perfect to benefit from a program like ours and just at the …….

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/4/prweb18598320.htm