James Crypto Guru gives an insight into wealth creation by investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency – Mid-Day

Recent volatility across the cryptocurrency market has made many people fearful for the future of crypto. However, these ups and downs are nothing new for seasoned cryptocurrency investors.

James Crypto Guru has experienced it all since starting his successful, two decade long, cryptocurrency trading journey, a journey that has proven totally transformational in creating his wealth, wisdom and freedom.

He explains:

‘’What we are seeing now is new crypto investors learning old lessons’’

And lessons are part of James Crypto Guru’s mission of massive cryptocurrency adoption, as he shows a new generation of crypto traders how to accumulate wealth using his methods, whilst also building quality crypto based projects with clear mass adoption potential.

James began trading in Forex and stocks two decades ago, before becoming an early adopter of cryptocurrency trading in 2012.

He now shares his successful, money making, trading approach with his personal community of over 100,000 followers and students across multiple channels, offering daily trading demonstrations via his YouTube channel, live trading groups in Telegram as well as personal masterclasses in crypto trading.

This trading community already boasts 100+ millionaire students, with over 6,000 students of his masterclass trading courses, and more than 76 000 people following his YouTube channel with daily demonstrations.

James’ teaching style allows trading students to quickly grasp fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, demystifying the technical aspects, so his students can focus on what James sees as the most difficult aspects of trading, as he says:

‘’Trading can be systematized, and systems are relatively easy to follow. However, staying emotionally & mentally stable is hard, whilst managing risk and not being greedy takes focus, discipline, and commitment.’’

This open and honest approach is part of what sets James apart from self-styled crypto ‘’advisors’’ who promise easy wins on the crypto market. He continues:

‘’Trading is hard. Don’t believe anyone telling you otherwise.’’

James’ teaches by demonstration, transparently showing all his personal trades to his student followers, often streaming them live. Furthermore, unlike others, James uses a powerful mixture of technical and fundamental analysis to supercharge his trading style, breaking down his methodology so that others may follow his successful path.

James’ goal is to help others create the wealth and freedom his trading success has allowed him, believing that anyone can become a successful trader, providing they have a phone, an internet connection as well as dedication and determination to commit to the lifestyle.

He is now focusing on growing his crypto academy and trader groups, whilst also creating transformational Web3 projects, including MagicCraft, a play to earn fantasy gaming …….

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