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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LPL Financial LLC today announced that financial advisor Hugh Lau, CIMA® has launched a new independent practice, Lau Financial Group, through affiliation with LPL Strategic Wealth Services, which is designed to support the unique needs of breakaway advisors. Lau reported to LPL that he serves approximately $750 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets.* He joins LPL from D.A. Davidson.

The Lau family has deep roots in their community, with a rich history of entrepreneurship that dates back to the 1860s when H.P. Lau emigrated to America and founded a grocery business in the heart of Lincoln, Neb. For five generations, the family has held a presence in the community, with Hugh Lau beginning his financial services career in 2000.

With support from Branch Operations Manager JoAnn Kreitman, LPL registered assistant, Lau’s goal is to provide clients with tailored investment strategies designed to help them grow and preserve long-term wealth. “Our practice was created with the mission of assisting clients with building multi-generational wealth for their children and grandchildren,” Lau said. “We live by the motto, ‘Take care of the client and the rest will take care of itself.’ Everything we do is to help our clients feel more secure, calm, confident and comfortable with their financial situation. We communicate with them frequently, educate them and follow through.”

Video: Meet the Lau Financial Group

Looking for more autonomy and options, Lau and Kreitman decided it was time to find a new independent partner—one that would provide them with integrated technology, backed by scale, and that could help them provide clients with differentiated experiences. They said LPL stood out because of its Strategic Wealth Services offering. “We’re a small team of two, so we needed the added layer of support from LPL Strategic Wealth Services. This gives us very robust support, but the freedom to build the practice on our own terms,” Kreitman said.

Dedicated support from LPL Strategic Wealth Services
In addition to leveraging LPL’s integrated wealth management platform and sophisticated resources needed to run a thriving practice, the LPL Strategic Wealth Services model delivers ongoing, personalized support for daily operations and long-term business management. Early in the journey, Strategic Wealth Services bridges the transition to independence by providing the team with dedicated support and services to launch their practice, including real estate build out, brand development, technology setup and HR support. Once the transition is complete, the value shifts to the ongoing strategic, administrative, marketing and CFO support that allows advisors to stay focused on the …….