Linton calls for establishment of investment bank to facilitate youth participation in nation building and wealth creation – Dominica News Online

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has called for the establishment of a Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Bank to help grow youth-based wealth in Dominica.

His comments came during his response to the 2022-2023 National Budget this week.

According to Linton, government must align the youth development resources to a strategy for giving them the broad range of skill sets, knowledge, and competencies needed to become lifelong learners, successful business leaders, high performance professionals, productive workers, world class artistes, sports men and women and engaged citizens.

“Let us fix our focus on the settings and services that facilitate young people to grow while exploring interests and dealing with issues that reflect their passions, concerns and dreams of success,” the opposition leader said. “Let us provide a solid platform for successful youth participation in the partnership to build, maintain and continuously improve the best Dominica for all Dominicans at home and abroad.”

He continued, “In this regard, let us establish in this budget year, a Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Bank to help grow youth-based wealth in our nature island family.”

Linton went on to state that this new financial institution, to be capitalized with 100 million dollars from the citizenship revenues of Dominica will create the much-needed ecosystem of support around businesses of young people in agriculture, light manufacturing, tourism, IT and financial services, renewable energy, sports and the creative industries.

“It will prioritize funding for youth business projects alongside technical assistance to ensure success in providing quality goods and services, quality jobs for young people and sustainable wealth creation for the youth,” he stated.

Linton  believes that modern technology has exposed what he describes as the shaky nation building foundation that has left the country’s  youth insecure, marginalized and unconnected to a system unable to deliver solutions to their real-life challenges.

“In effect, we are really reaping what we have sown in our progressive departure through the years from meaningful youth participation and partnership in nation building and wealth creation,” he remarked. “We need a movement to meet young people where they are—in schools, sporting and entertainment events, clubs and community centers, on the block, in church, in hospitals… meet them physically, academically, socially, and emotionally—to help them build the relationships, skills, competencies, and confidence they need to succeed in life.”

Linton added, “This means developing supportive learning, sporting, recreational settings that nurture the strengths and interests of the youth and enable them to thrive while building relationships and bonding with peers and adults.”