LISTEN | BCM’s only listed company on wealth creation and management – DispatchLIVE

Today Dispatch Live’s Business Correspondent, Ted Keenan, interviews Travis McClure, director of NFB Private Wealth Management, and Liam Graham, director of NVest Securities.

Between the two companies, they have over 6,000 direct clients, the majority of who are East London based, and well over R30bn assets under management and administration.

The Podcast’s theme: Wealth creation and wealth management, when and why to start, and how people slow out of the investment blocks can catch up.“Having our own stock broking company in the same building gives a flexibility and instant reaction time that is unparalleled in East London,” said McClure.

“We don’t take the trust of East Londoners for granted. We work hard at it, and know we have succeeded when our clients head into a financially stress-less retirement.”

Said Graham: “If your investments, over a long term, are not beating inflation, and then some, you are going backward.”