Uncover Wealth Building, Entrepreneurship & Investing: Insider Content From Invest Fest 2023

Attendees from Earn Your Leisure’s premier event Invest Fest 2023 are in Atlanta, totaling 20,000 people, all eager to learn all they can about building wealth, succeeding in entrepreneurship, and mastering the art of investing. On this episode of The Express, you’ll hear exclusive interviews with Casanova Brooks, Matt Garland (aka “MG The Mortgage Guy”), and Armando Pantoja. Plus, find out what investors are worried about and whether their fears of an impending market crash are warranted.

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1. Unmissable Tips from Invest Fest 2023 Elite: Don’t Miss Out
2. Join 20,000 Others in Atlanta to Master Wealth Building, Entrepreneurship & Investing
3. Uncover the Risks of a Potential Market Crash from Matt Garland, Armando Pantoja & Casanova Brooks