Northern waterfront residents want local officials to spread the waterfront wealth – WKBW 7 News Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — There is plenty to do when visiting Canalside.

“We love the water and although we don’t live on the beach, we love to come down here and eat and drink on the water,” said Heather Kurtz, a Canalside visitor.

Not only did others say there was plenty to do do during the summer, one man told 7 News, he can count on Canalside for activities all year round.

“Water, ice rink, harbor center, the ice bikes in the winter,” said Michael Capizzi. “Yeah, everything down here, they did a great job building this up.”

Although Buffalo’s waterfront goes for miles, all of the activities and attractions don’t. North District Council Member Joseph Golombeck says residents in his community deserve more.

“Give us some amenities in the northern part of the city along the water front, black rock, riverside, unity island and also long term look at how we can change this neighborhood for the better,” said Golombeck.

The natural beauty of Buffalo’s waterfront is continuous for miles but Golombeck believes the funding does not. He told 7 News if the northern parks revived more funding they could revitalize the area. Golombeck even spearheading a resolution calling on state and federal elected officials to develop plans for capitol improvements.

“I don’t want to rival what they’ve done in downtown, outer harbor area but if we had 10% of what they’re spending there we could do that boardwalk,” said Golombeck.

Golombeck said if new amenities were brought to this community 12,000 to 14,000 people would be within walking distance to them.

“I just don’t want the northern part of the city of Buffalo, and the north district in particular to be forgotten,” said Golombeck.