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Bill Shelmon, Founder, Paycheck to Wealth

CEOCFO Interviews Paycheck to Wealth Founder, Bill Shelmon, about providing investment education to underserved communities

You treat investing like another ongoing monthly bill that you have but instead of a bill, you are paying yourself first.”

— Bill Shelmon

SOUTHFIELD, MI, US, September 15, 2022 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Bill Shelmon, Founder of Southfield, MI -based Paycheck to Wealth, providing investment education to underserved communities.

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Addressing the overall concept behind Paycheck to Wealth during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, Bill Shelmon said, “The concept of Paycheck to Wealth, is trying to level the investing playing field by introducing investing to the new investor who typically does not participate in investing.”

Describing the approach used by Paycheck to Wealth, Bill Shelmon told CEOCFO, ” My approach is to reach out to the underserved community by providing information about financial literacy as well as the benefit that people can gain if they start participating in the financial markets and remove a lot of the hesitancy that they have had in the past as far as their participation in the financial markets.”

Asked what their business model is, Mr. Shelmon said, “My business model is just providing financial education to those people who subscribe to my newsletter and also who go to the website. This is a free service just to get them understanding about financial literacy. From a business model perspective, I have two approaches, one is the subscription service. There are three levels where I try to engage people. I have one I call Fresh Start, which is for people who just want to get involved initially.”

Mr. Shelmon continued, “I have another one that is called Making Progress, and then I have the final one called the Gold Plan. This is a subscription service, and it is very affordable starting at $3.00 per month. That is to get people involved and get started in the investment process. I also offer a one-time financial analysis and if a person is interested in taking that, then I charge an hourly fee to review their situation and then make recommendations on what they should do going forward.”

Discussing what makes the lightbulb go on for someone, Bill Shelmon indicated, “I would say there are two things typically that have the light bulb go on. When I mention to them that investing and wealth-building is available for every budget, it …….