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The primary focus of this article is Scansource, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCSC)

Investment Thesis

Knowing when and which stocks to own, actively and selectively, provides a continuing series of net capital gain opportunities delivering wealth accumulation or spendable income at rates which are multiples of what the market-index ETFs offer.

You can know what winning institutions know about capital-building stock situations by listening to what the markets tell as capital is being invested. Because today’s markets pay active investors for being in the right places at the right times. They feed off the indolence of passive-strategy investing buy & holders who frequently pass up timely points of profitable position liquidation.

Increased information technology, communication capabilities, and rapidly evolving competitive practices make this century’s investing markets far more opportune with pricing activity than the 20th century offered.

But an active investment strategy requires reasonably-accurate forecasts of what to expect. Fortunately, the conditions creating the “hazards” feared by the buy & holders are what provide the needed forecasts. The markets themselves, in their interactions, define what the best-informed professional practitioners see as coming-price limits. In both directions.

Instead of forecasts by analysts of what may be hoped for as price/earnings targets to be sought, the markets define ranges within which prices are reasonably being expected. Ranges which warn of currently un-maintainable excesses, and of price depressions unlikely to present buying bargains for long.

But if this is not a suitable practice for your situation, continue to ignore it. We are pleased to have your persistent support, rather than competition which might erode our wealth-building competitive productivity.

Description of primary investment subject

“ScanSource, Inc. distributes technology products and solutions in the United States, Canada, and internationally. The Specialty Technology Solutions segment provides a portfolio of solutions primarily for enterprise mobile computing, data capture, barcode printing, point of sale (POS), payments, networking, electronic physical security, cyber security, and other technologies. The Modern Communications & Cloud segment offers a portfolio of solutions primarily for communications technologies and services. The company serves manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, retail and e-commerce, hospitality, transportation and logistics, government, education and healthcare, and other industries. ScanSource, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 and is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.”

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