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Everyone wants to save money and invest wisely, but not many have the necessary tools and understanding to even make the courageous first step – that is, until you meet Tanya Taylor. Her story alone is one to aspire towards. Arriving in America as a lone undocumented immigrant from Jamaica at 16, she had an uphill battle from day one. Through perseverance and overall tenacity, she has managed to create fruitful relationships with individuals and families who have never had someone in their corner for money management, investment strategies and support.

Her journey as a a Certified Public Accountant to motivator and teacher has been littered with experience that cannot be overlooked. These achievements contributed to her creating ‘Grow Your Wealth’, a financial education platform that allows everyday Americans who are struggling to make ends meet to take control of their finances and begin growing generational wealth.

Tanya graciously took the time to answer a few of our questions surrounding her own journey, her platform, her ambitions, as well as breaking down the changes to her platform post-COVID.

Hi Tanya, what was the primary motivation behind starting Grow Your Wealth?

I have an audacious goal to help one million families transform their finances and create generational wealth.

My motivation is very simple.  I grew up very poor in Jamaica. At age 16, I came to America alone to find the American Dream. As an undocumented teen, I faced tremendous obstacles. One thing that was consistent then, and still is now, is that many families in America were also living in poverty, sometimes a paycheck away from homelessness, regardless of their income.

I created the Grow Your Wealth platform to equip these families with implementable strategies to overhaul their lives, financially. Many people today believe that based on their current financial situation, there is no room for change.  I want to turn that myth on its head and show them how.

I have had bad credit, high interest credit cards, and no savings. I recall on several occasions having to choose between buying basic necessities or eating and having to go hungry.  The fact is that I have been there, and I know that it doesn’t feel good. But I also know that there are tools that can create change once you are motivated to change.

These are some of the same tools that allowed me by age 25 to graduate college debt free, own my first home, and co-own a small business. Those tools are now allowing me to live the life that I dreamed of.  I want others to be able to do the …….

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