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TEEN Mom fans have slammed Chelsea Houska for flaunting her wealth as she revealed she purchased a cabin after recently building her South Dakota farmhouse.

The Teen Mom 2 alum was accused of being “tone deaf” and “out of touch” after she shared the post.


Chelsea Houska sits on the porch of the recently purchased cabin with her husband Cole Deboer and their children.Credit: Instagram


Chelsea was accused of flaunting wealth and appearing ‘out of touch’ after he posted the photoCredit: Instagram

Chelsea, 30, made the reveal with a post to her downhomedeboers Instagram account on Thursday.

The photo shows the former Teen Mom sitting on the porch of a rustic log cabin with her daughter Aubree, 13, husband Cole DeBoer, 34, and children their children Watson, five, Layne, four, and Walker, one.

She captioned the post, “10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin. SO excited for my kids to make all the great memories here that I made.”

While the majority of Chelsea’s followers responded positively to the post, commenting “Can’t wait to see how you decorate this!” and “Love this!”, fans on Reddit weren’t so charmed.

The photo was reposted to a popular Teen Mom Reddit board, where fans weighed in reality star’s post as well as her advice.

One Redditor commented: “Tone deaf Chelsea coming in hot this morning. The housing crisis is making it impossible for families to buy a home, let alone a ‘cHilDhOod cAbIn.’ Get a grip, Chelsea.”

Another sarcastic commenter replied: “Okay sure. I’ll go buy my childhood cabin. Thanks for the advice. Btw, Chelsea- your experiences are not universal.”

A third fan wrote: “This caption is so daft. Not everyone even had a ‘childhood cabin’ growing up nor the money today to go randomly purchase a vacation home.”

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The “not everyone” comments continued as frustrated fans expressed the reasons why Chelsea’s advice doesn’t apply to most of her fanbase.

“Not everyone was [a] Teen Mom with a TV show and able to buy a cabin. What a stupid tone def post for this day and age,” wrote one person.

“Not everyone has a childhood cabin. God, she is annoying,” added a second.

Remarks such as, “must be nice!” and “out of touch” filled the comment thread as an annoyed Redditor put it, “This comes off so d**…….

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