The Role Of Luck In Wealth Creation -By Ambi Moses – Opinion Nigeria

Eric Arthur Blair popularly known as George Orwell wrote thus in his political-fable novel “Animal Farm”;

“All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.”

That novel is about humans and not animals. It is basically about politics and class structure in the human society. A satire. However, I am not here to analyze Owell’s pun, but to look at it from a money perspective. Sometimes what makes some humans more equal than others is luck and opportunity! Nothing more, nothing less.

As much as it is ingrained in the psyche of humans of the 21st century to believe that everyone is born equal and we can all just work our way to the top with the right etiquette and gumption to fulfill our dreams, that has not been my observation. Follow me.

One of the most confusing, mysterious and misunderstood thing ever created on earth is money. It appears as if it has come to you all by your efforts ALONE, while in fact it is sometimes bestowed on you by nature, circumstances of birth, divine providence, natural selection or inheritance. Just look at the disparity in the world for example. Why do people born in Russia, America or China all have different levels of wealth far above those born in Africa? At birth, destinies have been decided! What do you think made these differences?

Communists thought about this for a long time. The very basis of Communism is that everybody should have the same level of income and wealth. They argued that we are all equal and no one should be rich and no one should be poor. They thought that everybody is the same and that everybody should share bountifully in nature’s gifts, but that theory has failed miserably! The principle is absolutely wonderful, logical but in reality, it didn’t work. If Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were to wake up from their graves, they would be terribly shocked to see the reality of their idea! They may have to re-write the whole Communist theory!

In some cases, wealth is something bestowed on you. Some are just lucky to be born into rich families. Just by being born into the Rockefeller home, somebody acquired all those billions, without any sweats. Why does this happen when somebody else has to toil all his life just to make ends meet? Isn’t this a big question? Yes, you can say someone paid the price but is the one enjoying it at the moment the one who paid the price?

The Role of Luck in Success and Money

Have you ever met a very financially successful individual say maybe a business owner, …….