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NEW DELHI: WealthDesk, an investment technology conglomorate, has released a white paper on how the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) is democratising wealth generation.

Authored by WealthDesk Founder and CEO Ujjwal Jain, the white paper features how the Unified Wealth Interface will be a game changer for the asset, wealth and broking ecosystem.

One of the main takeaways from the white paper is that it (UWI) offers execution support, regtech, marketing, and assistance with distribution and portfolio management. The WealthBasket managers no longer have to worry about how to package and market the services, allowing them to completely concentrate on developing cutting-edge multi-asset investment packages.

By utilising the networks of brokers, distributors, and RMs already in place, “WealthBaskets may be distributed to both online and offline investors in a smooth manner with the added benefit of strong network effects on UWI.” Retail investors can quickly and affordably invest in high-quality wealth building products on top of broking and other transaction platforms.

The white paper also calls attention to the Indian broking sector, which has seen yearly growth of 7.79% since 2016 and has close to 95 million demat accounts as evidence of the country’s high demand.

However, there are issues with the supply side, as there are only 1,300 registered investment advisors in India, or just 1 RIA for every 71,000 investors.

Due to the high minimum ticket sizes required, wealth management products like Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) have not traditionally been accessible to regular investors.

The retail wealth management market is now providing retail investors with fragmented and multi-stop journeys, which is at odds with what they desire, which is innovative wealth solutions and convenience of investing through technology, said the white paper.

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