What is the best wealth building strategy today? – The Financial Express

Over the last 20 years, the stock market has grown at a CAGR of 17%, giving the greatest returns of any asset class in India.

What is the #1 Wealth Generation Strategy swered by most billionaires in India today? What is the #1 Wealth Generation Strategy 48 per cent Indian millionaires rely on to make a fortune? Want to expand your wealth & earnings without you working hard for it?

Have you been able to effectively utilize the money-stretching power of specific wealth investment strategies that have outperformed nearly every other ‘Traditional’ investment in the last few decades in India?

Look, the days when real estate gave returns of approx. 35% YOY is history. It’s now left down to meagre returns of just 4-7%. Gold is losing its standard returns capacity. And we know that fixed deposits and bonds will fall flat against inflation and the biggest mistake is storing a part of your remuneration into saving. It will never grow on its own.

It’s like you working hard to make money. Instead of making your money work for you.

Undoubtedly, 83 per cent of millionaires acknowledge ‘Smart Investing’ as a key to their fortune and 48 per cent of millionaires’ investable assets are in stocks, according to a research report by Spectrem Group.

What I want to bring to your notice is, in the long run, investments that have appreciated far greater than anything else in the investment asset classes are Hedge Funds, Arbitrage, Stocks Portfolio, SIPs, Private equity, etc.

You see, people rely on traditional investment assets because of tangibility, capital appreciation and low risk. But the much greater threat is the down and sluggish return on these investments that may not even stand against inflation in a decade or two.

After all, why would anyone want to get minimal returns on their investments when you can get a dazzling rate of compounding returns per annum in the long term?

To create massive wealth, investors must choose some quality mid-cap stocks today, so that would become a large-cap potential stock in the near future. Opportunities are being presented by the market.

When people come to me and say, “Hey, Videsh, isn’t it sceptical to invest in Currencies / Stocks and Commodities like copper / Crude Oil?” I show them how I religiously use an organized system, discipline, and patience to mitigate uncertainty and Harness fantastic Opportunities.

And with this straightforward guidance, they make more informed & productive decisions. Consider this; recently stock markets hit a record high, i.e Sensex 56,198, Nifty 16,722. Twenty years ago, NIFTY was at mark 900, and now it has zoomed to the mark 16,722, which means a staggering 1755% appreciation. …….

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