Zoe Announces Partnership With Virginia-Based Wealth Planning RIA, Craftwork Capital LLC – GlobeNewswire

NEW YORK, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zoe, a wealth platform connecting clients with the top five percent of wealth advisors in the U.S., announced its partnership with Craftwork Capital LLC. Zoe, recognized as one of Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies, has a vetting process to identify and feature the top advisors nationwide. By pre-qualifying advisors admitted to its Network, Zoe ensures that prospective clients receive the advice they deserve directly from educated, trustworthy, credentialed, experienced, and knowledgeable wealth professionals. 

Craftwork Capital, a Virginia-based registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, was founded with a mission to guide clients toward positive outcomes by offering tailored and actionable advice while delivering powerful investment performance. The firm prides itself on forming long-lasting relationships where mutual trust is foundational. They define success based on their clients’ satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Craftwork Capital’s name derives from its view of financial management as a craft combining art and science elements. Their passion for employing their knowledge to craft financial plans to help clients confidently transition from their current situation to fulfilling their desired wealth goals inspired their name. 

“Working with Craftwork Capital advisors is a constant reminder of how great wealth professionals accomplish impressive results when they dedicate their time and effort to getting to know their clients. Then, they carefully and thoughtfully create each strategy in a way that makes sense for the client based on their goals, risk tolerance, values, and priorities,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA, Zoe’s Founder and CEO, referring to the partnership. 

The RIA manages $32 million in client assets and serves over 100 clients through financial planning or investment solutions. They offer world-class investment solutions and planning guidance while remaining focused on each client’s specific needs when making decisions. Craftwork provides clients a unique value proposition where they bring the personal touch of a boutique firm, paired with the powerful investing strategies associated with large ones. Each of the firm’s advisors uses their expertise and experience to help clients craft a better future. “We are aware that financial goals without a plan are just wishes. We are passionate about understanding each person’s concerns and building strategies that will enable them to achieve all those goals,” said Ross Anderson, CFP®, Founder and Principal at Craftwork Capital.

Craftwork’s in-house Investment Committee creates and tailors investment portfolios for each client to ensure they reflect each client’s unique goals, circumstances, pain points, and aspirations. They plan for the person rather than the moment. Craftwork takes a hyper-personalized approach to wealth planning, aspiring to guide clients toward positive outcomes over the long term. Their level of customization sets clients up for success, yielding financial roadmaps that clients can achieve rather than overcomplicated plans that clients typically abandon before starting. Clients seeking financial planning, investment management, and …….

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