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Unlocking Generational Wealth: African American Legacy Homeowners in Seattle Reap the Benefits of the 2023 Community Wealth Building Pilots
Getting access to homeownership can be a major step forward for families aiming to build and pass on wealth and financial stability to future generations. The unfortunate part of the story is that not all individuals, especially those belonging to the African American community, have the same access to it. The City of Seattle is taking to heart its unwavering commitment to addressing the problem of the racial wealth gap within the city by creating the Generational Wealth Initiative, which is providing support for nine community-enabled projects that concentrate on building and retaining wealth within the African American demographics. One of those pilots is Uplift Investment Group’s wealth-building outreach program, which focuses on helping those in neighborhoods that were redlined in the past.

Headlined by co-founder Caleb Jackson, the Uplift Investment Group’s community wealth-building program is part of the Generational Wealth Initiative, funded by the City of Seattle. Uplift Investment is working towards empowering their target audience—African American legacy carrying homeowners—on a mission to pass on their properties and wealth intact to the next generations without having to worry about being taken advantage of.

Going Against the Tide: Uplift Investment’s Community Outreach to Build Wealth and Combat Displacement
The community-building strategies of the program are multi-tiered, aiming to provide options for broad-based worker ownership, capital control, real estate ownership, progressive procurement, and small business ecosystems. Through progressive procurement, Uplift will give recommendations to homeowners so that they can make the most out of their properties, such as including auxiliary dwelling units for additional income generation, carrying out geotechnical report work and creating architectural plans to redevelop parts or the entirety of lots.

Uplift’s original strategy for running this program was to host information events where community members had access to experts such as lawyers, architects, estate planners, etc. However, the team shifted their approach by tabling at existing events in the community in order to get their message across, such as Kent Cornucopia Days and Afircatown Community Land Trust’s Summer of Soul event series.

Caleb acknowledges the difficulty of their task in educating the community, especially when there has been a long history of African Americans falling victim to real estate predators. That is why their community outreach works in collaboration with other local organizations in order to improve their outreach methods to the community.

Securing Wealth and Opportunity for the Next Generation

The City of Seattle and the Uplift Investment Group are on a mission of making sure African Americans have a real opportunity for homeownership and the subsequent financial gains that come with it. By providing such empowering strategies and alternatives that fortify the African American legacy in Seattle, the people of Seattle, both today and in the future, will reap the rewards.

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