Rewriting and Subheadings for Investing in Internet-Driven Companies

The Autograph of Success: Investing in Internet-Driven Companies
In recent times, investing in the digital domain has become one of the most profitable ventures. After the dot-com bubble originated several of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, is it still possible to make wealth through internet-driven companies? With worldwide user traffic growing from 300 million users in 2000 to over 5 billion today, let’s take a look at three of the best stocks you should consider investing in for 2023 and beyond.

A Glance at Amazon AMZN – the Pioneers of Connecting People
Arguably the most successful internet-related company of all-time, the e-commerce goliath Amazon, brought forward by Jeff Bezos, has grown exponentially since its launch. The company has experienced terrific success in terms of the stock market, closing at a price of +75% YTD and +642% year-over-year. What is more, Amazon’s total sales forecast for FY2023 & 24 look extremely promising, at 11% and 11.2% hike, respectively.

Crowdstrike CRWD – the Champion of Cybersecurity
From a right-kind of-hustle to global success, Crowdstrike has emerged as one of the premier companies in the domain of cybersecurity. Founded in 2011, the software company rose from the ashes for both its founders George Kurtz & Dmitri Alperovitch, becoming billionaires & paving the way for investors to make great returns on the stock (Crowdstrike shares +146% YTD). Also, there is much optimism for the company’s financial performance, where total sales are said to surge 36% for FY2023, followed by a 28% jump for FY 2024.

NetEase (NTES): Proven Profitability Among Internet-Driven Companies
Chinese internet giant NetEase, first listed publicly in 2000, is another example of the huge returns one can generate through investing in digital assets. Founder Ding Lei, becoming China’s first internet and gaming billionaire, saw investors yield staggering gains of over +33,000%. Fast-forward to the present, and the stock has posted a gain of +40% YTD and +592% annually. Analysts have projected mild increase in the company’s sales for FY2023 and 2023, with 84% jump in profitability by FY 2024.

The Grand Finale – A Tryst with Wealth Creation
As the broader market continues to reach all-time highs, these internet-driven companies can prove to be great assets for the prospective investor. With their resilient foundations, Amazon, Crowdstrike & NetEase have the potential to be money spinning stocks in the years to come.