Secure Crypto Wealth in 2024: Investors Boost TIA, SHIB & $ROE Token
Are you an investor aiming for sweet returns in crypto investments? Savvy investors are already prepping up for the year 2024. As of December, Celestia (TIA) delivered exceptional returns to its investors, whereas other top altcoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) are witnessing a bearish trend. In this situation, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is being predicted to be the best bet for massive ROI. Read along to explore expert opinions about these digital assets.


Why Invest in $ROE Token?
Borroe Finance is a fundraising platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Web3 businesses can raise instant capital by transforming their future earnings into non-fungible tokens and selling them at discounted rates to the supportive communities. As a decentralized fund-raising platform, Borroe Finance bridges the temporal liquidity gap in the web3 sector.

In the third presale stage, $ROE is being sold at $0.0175, and 81.37% of this stage is already accomplished. When all phases of the presale conclude, $ROE will be valued at $0.04 on the bigger cryptocurrency market. This shift in the price is expected to bring an astonishing 128.6% return on investment (ROI) to the early adopters of the $ROE token. Furthermore, forecasts around the token suggest that it will be widely accepted in Q1 2024, and its worth is estimated to be $0.1750.


Decoded Impact of TIA & SHIB
In the second week of December 2020, an announcement was made that the Chain Development Kit (CDK) of the Polygon network will be integrated with the data availability solution of Celestia. This collaboration will make Celestia a cost-effective alternative for the Layer-2 blockchains, as it eliminates the need to pay perpetual storage and verification fees associated with Ethereum.

Before the alliance, the cost of one TIA token was $9.68. Right after the announcement, the value rose to a whopping $13.56, thus giving a 40.63% return on investment. Experts believe that the rise is owing to the integration of the two platforms, and if the predictions come true, TIA might trade at as high as $17.50 in the first quarter of 2024.

The news spread around Shiba Inu on December 14 with Lucie, an executive at Shiba Inu, announcing that the team is giving away ten Tangem SHIB wallets and BAD wallets on the Shibarium Christmas Spaces. Announced as part of the X account initiative of Lucie, the Christmas giveaways couldn’t prevent SHIB from sliding down a 4.49% decline in its price in the second week of December. However, analysts still expect the tokens to land at $0.000009155 by Q1 2024.

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